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Magnetic V-Block 70 x 60 x 70mm - Greenvill Crafts - Woodturning Supplies Harrogate UK

Magnetic V-Block 70 x 60 x 70mm

Precision-ground magnetic V-block with 3 magnetic surfaces. 70 x 60 x 70mm The Vee / V Block is a useful addition to the pen turners toolbox as it's a great...

Locking Grip Pliers | Pen Disassembly

Disassemble your pen kits with ease! If you have ever had to disassemble a pen you know the hassle it can be. This tool makes it easy. It holds fast...

Pen Tube Insertion Tool

A Pen Tube Insertion Tool is great to help you get the tube inside the drilled barrel once you've glued it. It avoids getting CA or Epoxy glue over your...