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Intrinsic Colour 125ml Box Set - Hampshire Sheen

Intrinsic Colour wood stains  A seasonal boxed set of the twelve water based wood dye colours in the popular Intrinsic Colour Collection developed by professional turner Martin Saban-Smith. These box...

Melamine Lacquer - Chestnut Products

Quick drying, hard wearing full gloss melamine lacquer. When you’re looking for a hard-wearing, heat and water resistant, quick drying gloss lacquer you need look no further than Melamine Lacquer....
£12.60 £11.99

Acrylic Gloss Lacquer - Chestnut

Bright Gloss Acrylic lacquer in an easy to use aerosol spray. 400ml If you don’t have access to spraying equipment, this aerosol lacquer will give you a great finish quickly and...
£8.52 £7.99

Burnishing Cream - Chestnut Products

A fine abrasive liquid for burnishing oils and lacquers to a bright gloss finish. This creamy liquid has a very mild abrasive within it which acts like ‘liquid sandpaper’ on...
£13.92 £12.99