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Polaris Twist Pen Kit

Available in ballpoint and a range of colour platings Black Titanium Chrome Gold Gunmetal Satin Chrome 3/8" drill bit and Polaris bushings required

Cerra Pen Kit - Platinum & Black Titanium

The classic Cerra Pen kit! This model is finished in Platinum & Black Titanium.

Polaris Pen Kit Bundle

Polaris Pen Kit Bundle Bundle contains: Polaris Bushings 3/8" Drill Bit 2 x Chrome Polaris Pen Kits 2 x Gold Polaris Pen Kits 2 x Gun Metal Polaris Pen Kits...

Cigar Pen Kit - Black Titanium & Platinum

The Cigar ballpoint pen kit. This model is finished in premium Black Titanium & Platinum plating. 10mm drill bit & Cigar pen kit bushings required for the Cigar pen kit