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Pen Turning Kits

Pen Turning Kits Greenvill Crafts

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What is a pen kit?

A pen kit is a pack of all the parts you need to create a new handmade pen, other than the body. You make the body of the pen from a blank (See below). You can also shop for pencil kits. It's a quick project to try on your lathe and finished items are perfect to give away free as gifts or sold at craft fairs.

The parts typically contain a pen refill (Or fountain pen nib & cartridge/filler), brass tube, spring, end section, grip section. Click action kits will contain a few extra elements.

The main body of a pen, the blank, is usually turned on a woodturning lathe using an accessory called a pen mandrel. The mandrel secures the blank to allow accurate turning to the shape required. Sharp tools are required for a perfect finish for your unique pen.

Where to buy pen turning kits?

There are now hundreds of pen making kits available in a range of styles and prices. The majority now in the market are very good quality pen kits, many manufacturers are based in Asia (China & Taiwan), there are also some British and American products made in much lower volumes.

Greenvill Crafts, Harrogate UK supply the highest quality pen kits in many designs and different range of pen plating colours and offer great value for money. Products are available to choose in standard and premium prices to suit budgets of all sizes. We have lots of woodturning stock including wooden boxes to display your pens. You can order just about everything from one place with fast next day delivery.

Fountain Pen Kits

The only difference between a fountain pen kit and a rollerball is the nib and refill. The rest of the set like the cap, ends and clip are the same, so the turning process is identical. Assembling all the elements to complete the pen is very quick.

Slimline Pen Kits

A Slimline pen kit is a 2 piece kit using a 7mm drill bit. It's sometimes recommended for starters to pen turning, however please note, it's one as a company we simply don't recommend. The Cerra kit is a high quality product and more simple to start as it is only one part to turn, so only half the work to put in than that of a Slimline kit. The Cerra is a must for every pen maker!

Pen Blanks

To make the body of a pen, you need a pen blank, this can be wood, acrylic, laminated Beech, Hybrid (mix of wood and resin). You can never have enough blanks!!