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Hampshire Sheen Carnival Colours - Water Based Wood Stains

Hampshire Sheen Carnival Colours - Water Based Wood Stains Greenvill Crafts

Phillip Darvill |

Martin Saban-Smith From Hampshire Sheen has launched a new product line of colours.

Following on from the very successful Intrinsic Colours the new Carnival Colours range are fantastically bright. As usual Martin has already recorded demos of the colours being used.

The Carnival Colour Collection consists of 8 water-based stains which Martin demonstrates how to blend the colours to create vivid pieces.

  • Egyptian Blue: Rich blue shade, good to blend with the Mediterranean Blue shade.
  • Hero Red: A fantastic bright red for the ultimate in colour depth on your work.
  • Lavender Violet: A nice delicate, yet vibrant violet shade. Blends well with the blues.
  • Mediterranean Blue: Subtle blue, similar to denim. Good to blend with the Egyptian blue.
  • Orange Orange: It’s orange! A great shade to blend with Sunshine Yellow and Hero Red.
  • Raven Black: Dark and foreboding, this shade works well as a background colour.
  • Sunshine Yellow: A super colour for adding to your work for a mega-bright blast of yellow.
  • Super Green: A bright fun green shade. Good for blending with blues and yellow.

The Carnival Colour Collection has launched in the new, smaller sized bottles of 125ml. The smaller size are a lot handier for smaller projects and come in at a great price of only £4.99 a bottle. If you would like to go even smaller, there is a brilliant sample set containing all 8 colours for only £16.99