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Get The Best Pen Turning Starter Kit Available Today

Get The Best Pen Turning Starter Kit Available Today Greenvill Crafts

Phillip Darvill |

Pen turning starter kit with mandrel, pen kits, blanks, drill bit and bushingsYou've got a lathe and some turning tools, maybe you've made a bowl or two -  now you're ready to make pens.

Experienced pen turners will tell you that if you buy cheap, you'll need to buy again. That's why we recommend starting with the best quality pen turning mandrel. 

Made in England, this premium quality mandrel has an adjustable shaft which allows the user to turn either one or two pen parts at a time.

The mandrel support prevents the metal bar from bending, the most common cause of pens being turned out of round and the biggest cause of frustration for pen turners.


Here's What You'll Get in the Pen Turning Starter Kit...

  • A top of the range pen mandrel & support centre kit for 2 MT (morse taper) lathes
  • 5 Cerra Pen Turning Kits in a range of colour
  • A set of Cerra pen kit bushings
  • A 27/64" drill bit
  • 5 various wood & acrylic pen turning blanks (Each blank is long enough to make 2 Cerra pens)
  • Pen Kit instructions to help your turn and assemble your kits.
  • Access to a free subscription pen turning discount newsletter

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